The Exceptional Difference

We have built an outstanding reputation for creating exemplary developments,
specialising in prime London locations.

The success of these projects derives from relationships of trust and respect with leading architects, designers and professionals in acquisition, property management, construction and structured finance.


London Realty has a respected track record for award-winning developments ranging from new build houses and apartments to large scale new build communities.

Our creative approach raises design concepts from simply functional to something special. Architecture to enhance the location, the careful choice of materials and finishes and the importance of details all helps bring buildings alive.


Our drive is to improve the efficiency and sustainability of commercial buildings and to build work spaces to keep people healthy, happy and energised.

An organisation’s offices are a key part of the brand and culture and help to attract and retain the best talent.

London Realty is developing commercial buildings that rise to these challenges, designing in wellness, amenities and focusing on people. Our buildings incorporate next-generation digital infrastructure for world class connectivity boosting income, tenant profile and asset value.