Investment Process

London Realty’s clients include institutional investors and high net worth individuals.  Our conservative investment philosophy, a disciplined investment process and dedication to timely execution provide excellent results for our clients and partners. 

We employ hands-on management which maximises value and includes development projects, restructuring or land sales. The investment process includes detailed financial analysis with a thorough assessment of risks and returns.  The strategy recognises a variety of market cycles and allows for repositioning wherever required to maximise returns. 

The investment process consists of eight distinct stages:

1) Identify the brief for deployment of capital

2) Identify suitable investment opportunities using our market knowledge and market intelligence from our highly developed professional network.

3) Prepare in-depth market studies.

4) Collaborate with leading architects to create a world class design.

5) Produce a detailed financial appraisal of the project.

6) Manage the entire planning process.

7) Manage the construction process through design, tender and delivery.

8) Prepare a sale, leasing or exit strategy to realise project returns.

This rigorous process and detailed financial analysis ensures thorough assessment of the risks and returns.