A vibrant new business community offering exceptional office space next to Clapham Common.

The way we work has changed and the intention at Thornton Park is to integrate a high quality lifestyle into the working day. 

The design team imagined the kind of place that we would all like to work in and the building has been designed with people and community at its heart.   There are spacious amenity spaces starting with the lobby featuring art, lots of natural light, a library, a coffee shop and breakout areas.   A new public garden square with water features brings the natural world into the workplace.

The building focuses on motivating people, helping them engage with one another and shedding the old fashioned sedentary office environment.  The special location encourages good health with opportunities for walking and exercising on Clapham Common whilst enjoying everything else the area has to offer.

Our lives are greatly influenced by our work environment and Thornton Park has been designed to create a community and high quality of life.